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  • Anemone Fantasy Cinderella

    Anemone Fantasy™ ‘Cinderella’ PPAF

    A great grower in pots and in the garden, this clumping selection will quickly fill your favorite garden spot with thick, baby pink blooms from mid to late summer.

  • Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas

    Anemone Fantasy™ ‘Pocahontas’ PPAF

    This new double flowered, bubblegum pink anemone is vigorous, filing pots quickly and covered in blooms from July-September

  • Astilbe Delft Lace in garden

    Astilbe ‘Delft Lace’ PP# 19839

    This new astilbe was discovered as a seedling of unknown origin. Delft Lace has deep blue-green, waxy foliage that is covered with a silver-lacey overlay, much like the foliage of the ever popular selection ‘Visions' with a softer, much more garden-worthy bloom.

  • Athyrium Silver Slippers

    Athyrium x ‘Silver Slippers’ PPAF

    A dwarf form of Japanese painted fern, Silver Slippers will tuck into the tightest of niches to soften the garden's edges. Reaching only 6-8” at maturity, this lovely fern leaves a tiny footprint in the shade garden.

  • Brunnera Sea Heart with kiringeshoma

    Brunnera macrophylla ‘Sea Heart’ PPAF

    The foliage on this new brunnera is as thick as cardboard and it holds up way better in the heat and humidity of summer. The blooms on this new selection are two-toned - pink and blue.

  • Brunnera silver heart with carex

    Brunnera macrophylla ‘Silver Heart’ PPAF

    Although the foliage is similar to 'Looking Glass', this new selection has much thicker, non-melting foliage and deep blue flowers.

  • Butterflies Julia echinacea with butterflies

    Butterfly™ Series of Echinacea

    These pint sized selections with their saturated, single flowers will brighten any spot in the garden. The buterflies love them and they make the perfect front or mifddle of the border all summer blooming perennial.

  • Campanula glomerata Freya

    Campanula ‘Freya’ PPAF

    Freya is a sturdy, non-invasive, compact new selection with a multiple stems that hold many deep violet-blue, starry bell-shaped blooms. Hummingbirds will hover around this fantastic new selection.

  • bloom_closeup_visions_web

    Campanula ‘Viking’ PPAF

    Viking is a sturdy, non-invasive, sterile new selection with a compact stature and clear lavender, tubular, bell-shaped blooms. Hummingbirds will hover around this fantastic new selection.

  • Sugar-sweet_lilac

    Clematis ‘Delightful Scent’ Sugar-Sweet™Lilac PPAF

    Dainty, yet strong and fragrant flowers are plentiful on this medium sized, wilt resistant clematis. Plant this next to a crab apple, flowering cherry or redbud for a spring show you won't forget.

  • Sugar-sweet-blue

    Clematis ‘Scented Clem’ Sugar-Sweet™Blue PPAF

    Periwikle buds unfurl to reveal a sturdy, thick, star-shaped bloom with a silvery stripe on this sweetly fragrant, 6-9' climber.

  • Burning_love_vitiwester

    Clematis ‘Vitiwester’ Burning Love ™ PPAF

    Deep red, velvety flowers with that quintessential Clematis viticella shape on completely wilt resistant plant. This is the perfect climber for small flowering trees like crab apples and red buds.

  • avalanche-close

    Echinacea ‘Avalanche’

    This new dwarf echinacea is a grower's dream. With it's uniform habit and pot-full-of-blooms appearance, growers and consumers will not be disappointed. This could very well be the ‘White Swan' replacement we have all been looking for!

  • Echinacea Butter Cream Aug. 11' 171

    Echinacea ‘Buttercream’ PPAF

    A fully double coneflower that will melt your heart with its butter yellow blooms. Short, yet strong ray petals make a crown around the fluffy cone and stand out nicely against the olive green foliage and stems.

  • butterfly_kisses2_James.jpgh

    Echinacea ‘Butterfly Kisses’ PP 24458

    Reaching merely 12" tall with brightly colored, dependable blooms, Butterfly Kisses is the perfect addition to the already popular Cone-fections™ Series.

  • Coconut_Lime_garden_visions_wweb

    Echinacea ‘Coconut Lime’

    he first double white echinacea ever! A trendy lime green bloom on a sturdy, floriferous plant. This introduction couldn't have come a t a better time. Lime green is so "in" right now that gardener's are searching for green-blooming plants for their gardens.

  • Honeydew_cluster

    Echinacea ‘Honeydew’ PPAF

    Creamy greenish white ray petals surround a fully double lime green cone to give the plant a two-toned effect. Honeydew is a strong, well branched plant with multiple flowers on each stem.

  • hot_papaya_cluster_visions

    Echinacea ‘Hot Papaya’

    A breakthrough in Echinacea breeding, this first-ever double orange selection is brought to us through the impeccable breeding lines of Arie Blom of AB-Cultivars in The Netherlands. The plant is strong and sturdy with robust, deep greenleaves and thick, strong stems that have maroon markings.

  • DSC06547

    Echinacea ‘Marmalade’

    Marmalade is a strong plant that supports truly double marmalade orange blooms. The color of the blooms is two toned. On some days, and in different light, it will look more tangerine-orange, but on most, it will look just like fresh marmalade from the jar spread onto your Sunday morning toast.

  • meringue_single_close

    Echinacea ‘Meringue’

    Meringue is a stout and sturdy plant, growing to only 18" tall and 16-18" wide, this new coneflower will have you dreaming of light, foamy meringue peaks on top of a lemon cream pie.


    Echinacea ‘Milkshake’

    This could be the best double white echinacea for the mid-border. Milkshake is "regular" sized. It's not tall, it's not dwarf, it's just the right size for all you coneflower traditionalists out there. Blooms are held high on strong, sturdy stems and they do not age until fall. It's as if they are fake flowers.

  • PDD_bloom_cluster web

    Echinacea ‘Pink Double Delight’

    This double pink beauty offers gardeners a vast improvement over other double flowered echinacea on the market. It is consistently, truly double and it has a wonderful, compact habit with multiple blooms per stem.

  • ECHINACEAConefectionsPinkSorbet03

    Echinacea ‘Pink Sorbet’ PPAF

    Pink Sorbet is every grower and gardener's answer to a super strong stemmed, pink double coneflower. It's the perfect middle of the border pink perennial.

  • Echinacea 7005-01

    Echinacea ‘Raspberry Truffle’

    A short, sturdy new selection with salmon-pink blooms on chocolate stems. Thick, purpurea -like foliage and strong, upright stems make this a perfect middle of the border plant for any sunny garden.

  • WDD f1-2

    Echinacea ‘White Double Delight’ PP23472

    This double white flowered beauty offers gardeners a vast improvement over other double flowered echinacea on the market. It is consistently, truly double and it has a wonderful, compact habit with multiple blooms per stem. It truly is the spitting image of Pink Double Delight, but in white!

  • DSC_0326

    Echinacea ‘Guava Ice’ PP23473

    Guava Ice has enormous, fully double guava colored blooms on thick, upright stems. It's a unique color, but a super-strong, sturdy plant with loads and loads of four inch diameter blooms.

  • SB_Double_blooms_2

    Echinacea ‘Southern Belle’ PP23493

    Southern Belle has flat ray petals that stick out from the fully double, deep magenta colored cone like a formal pink pettiskirt. Arie has infused Echinacea tennesseensis into the mix giving this new selection extreme vigor, amazing bloom power and a super long life.

  • purple coneflower, echinacea, rainbow marcella, butterfly

    Echinacea Butterfly™ ‘Rainbow Marcella’ PPAF

    Rainbow Marcella is covered in orange and pink flowers all summer. Each bud emerges a deep tangerine orange and ages to raspberry pink and then fades to a lovely pastel rosy-pink that lasts until first frost.

  • Echinacea Butterfly Julia blooms

    Echinacea Butterfly™ ‘Julia’

    A bright and sunny addition to any garden, this compact, yet sturdy, well branched plant makes the perfect border or massing plant. It's also really great in a container of patio planting.

  • Echinacea Butterfly Orange Skipper

    Echinacea Butterfly™ ‘Orange Skipper’ PPAF

    Orange Skipper is a strong plant that supports single, neon-tangerine orange blooms. A compact, yet sturdy plant, this new selection will make the perfect 1 gallon plant or middle border mass. Named after a common butterfly of the same color, this new selection will brighten borders, add color to mixed planters and attract hundreds of beautiful butterflies to your garden.

  • Echinacea Purple Emperor_JDW

    Echinacea Butterfly™ ‘Purple Emperor’ PP 24459

    Bright magenta-purple blooms in mass on a compact sturdy plant make for the perfect middle of the border plant. Bees and butterfly love the colorful, numerous flowers.

  • Echinacea Butterfly Cleopatra

    Echinacea Butterfly™’Cleopatra’

    Cleopatra is a strong plant that supports single, lemon yellow blooms. A compact, yet sturdy plants, this new selection will make the prefect 1 gallon plant or middle border mass. Named after a European butterfly of the same color, this new selection will brighten any garden spot.

  • DSC_0345

    Epimedium ‘Purple Pixie’ PP# 13966

    The violet-purple sepals are the most vivid color of any purple blooming selection on the market and the clump, although not very large when fully grown, grows to a mature size in the first two to three years, so you don’t have to wait forever for it to bulk up - nor is it an aggressive ground cover like some other selections.

  • Alabaster_closeup

    Epimedium ‘Conalba’ Alabaster™, PP 20,344

    Alabaster is even faster to propagate than Purple Pixie. It’s pure, grass green leaves are the perfect backdrop for the large crisp white flowers. The white blooms are accented with a violet purple blush. Alabaster also fills a salable container, bulking up quickly compared to other selections - making it a more attractive plant in garden centers.

  • Helenium_bloom

    Helenium ‘Loysderwieck’

    This underused helenium selection has drumstick shaped ray petals that begin a chocolate-rose color and age to deep rosy-pink with yellow centers. The center (disk) of the flower begins lemony-yellow and ages to a dark chocolaty-red.

  • Helenium_Salsa_plants

    Helenium autumnale Mariachi™ ‘Salsa’ PPAF

    One look at the spicy red flowers and the dark chocolate button centers and the deeply colored selection will remind you of a fresh bowl of pic de gallo.

  • Helenium Mariachi Seista

    Helenium autumnale Mariachi™ ‘Siesta’ PPAF

    This brightly colored beauty is reminiscent of the late afternoon sun - the perfect time for a siesta! Deep bluish-red ray petals surround a maroon and yellow cone to make a lovely two-toned effect.

  • 34 Helenium 'Sombrero'  # 5

    Helenium autumnale Mariachi™ ‘Sombrero’ PPAF

    This new, compact and bushy blooming machine will make you smile. The bright yellow cone and even brighter yellow ray petals are a wonderful contrast to the deep, grass green foliage.

  • Helenium_Fuego_cluster

    Helenium autumnale Mariachi™ ‘Fuego’ PPAF

    The color of the flowers on Fuego remind us of a fire dancing baton twirler on the beach - a common Mexican cultural performance. The swirling colors will enhance your summer garden.

  • DSC_0939

    Helianthus x multiflorus ‘Sunshine Daydream’

    Sunshine Daydream was found as a branch sport of 'Capenoch Star'. This selection has fully double blooms with petals that re-curve toward the stem. Sunshine Daydream has fully rounded, dahlia-like blooms that are smaller in diameter, but much more numerous in quantity.

  • Double Fashion nigercors TWH3

    Helleborus niger Winter Magic™ ‘Double Fashion’ PPAF

    Double white flowers bloom in profusion above leathery, dark olive green foliage. This new selection was chosen because it makes a large clump rather quickly both in a pot and in the garden.

  • H.nigercors Candy Love

    Helleborus xericsmithii Winter Magic™ ‘Candy Love’ PPAF

    Candy Love bursts into bloom with soft,pastel shades of yellow and pink. the strain was sel;ected because it is so incredibly floriferous, even at a young age and because it makes a large clump in the garden in no time.

  • H.Nigercors Snow Love 1

    Helleborus xnigercor Winter Magic™ ‘Snow Love’ PPAF

    Snow Love graces the early spring landscape with its creamy white to yellow blooms. As the blooms mature, they develop a celadon green patina and remain attractive on the plant well into spring.

  • DSC_0697

    Heuchera ‘Stainless Steel’, PPAF

    Thick, celery green leaves have an overlay of silver with brightly colored eggplant purple undersides, giving this new selection a multi-dimensional look. This plant is heat and humidity tough and it can withstand the coldest winters. Strong purple stems hold 18" cut flower quality bloom stalks with 8" of sturdy, creamy white bells.

  • DSC_0630

    Heuchera ‘Dark Chocolate’ PPAF

    Deep chocolate brown leaves with a slightly luminous, silver overlay make a stunning combination. This pant is heat and humidity tough and can withstand the coldest winters. Thick, sturdy chocolate brown stems hold many creamy-pink bell flowers that make for stunning cut flower displays.

  • Heucherella infinity, plants nouveau, purple leaved heucherella

    Heucherella ‘Infinity’ PPAF

    Large, dark, chocolate colored, velvety leaves work together to form a mounding, bushy perennial that makes a statement in any garden. Creamy pink buds open to cream colored flowers on two foot spikes that bloom continuously from the end of May to late September. It blooms to Infinity!

  • Lobelia black truffle plant, plants nouveau

    Lobelia cardinalis ‘Black Truffle’ PPAF

    Ever dream of a perennial coleus? We have your answer. Black Truffle is a truly native, hummingbird magnet with nearly black new foliage that fades to a deep, iridescent maroon as the plant matures. A healthy, bushy, upright selection with bright cardinal red flowers.

  • DSC_1177

    Lobelia cardinalis ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ PP21958

    Fried Green Tomatoes was selected by a local Pennsylvania nursery from a batch of seed grown Lobelia cardinalis. Its vigorous growth will amaze growers and gardeners alike as it grows 3-6 inches per week well into summer.


    Phlox paniculata ‘Lord Clayton’ PP22960

    The combination of cherry-red blooms and deep purple foliage make this new selection a show stopper. Add powdery mildew resistance to the list of features and you have a real winner for gardeners who want luscious, jewel-toned colors.


    Phlox paniculata ‘Party Punch’ PPAF

    This new selection packs a punch with its numerous, brightly colored blooms and amazing disease resistance. The color of the blooms is amazing. It’s brightly hued blooms keep coming from early June to late August. This new phlox is the perfect size for mid border and it’s the perfect size for smaller, urban gardens.

  • DSC02799

    Phlox paniculata ‘Thai Pink Jade’ PPAF

    A wonderful, sweet candy fragrance permeates any garden where Thai Pink Jade is planted. This super mildew resistant, compact, blooming machine is sure to please.

  • 101223_Phlox_paniculata_CoralCreme

    Phlox paniculata ‘DITOMDRE’ Coral Crème Drop PP 20907

    The best mildew resistant phlox to date! This new series of hardy garden phlox will bring months of tantalizing color to your summer garden! Clusters of deliciously scented, coral colored flowers begin to bloom in early summer filling the garden with a sweet fragrance until fall.

  • grape_lolipop

    Phlox paniculata ‘DITOMSUR’ Grape Lollipop PP 21109

    The best mildew resistant phlox to date! This new series of hardy garden phlox will bring months of tantalizing color to your summer garden! Clusters of deliciously scented grape jelly colored flowers begin to bloom in early summer filling the garden with a sweet fragrance until fall.

  • 101225_Phlox_paniculata_BubblegumPink

    Phlox paniuculata ‘DITOFRA’ Bubblegum Pink PP 21171

    The best mildew resistant phlox to date! This new series of hardy garden phlox will bring months of tantalizing color to your summer garden! Clusters of deliciously scented, bubblegum pink flowers begin to bloom in early summer filling the garden with a sweet fragrance until fall.

  • 101224_Phlox_paniculata_CottonCandy

    Phlox panucilata ‘DITOMFAV’ Cotton Candy PP 21369

    The best mildew resistant phlox to date! This new series of hardy garden phlox will bring months of tantalizing color to your summer garden! Clusters of deliciously scented, cotton candy pink flowers begin to bloom in early summer filling the garden with a sweet fragrance until fall.

  • Schizachyrium 'Prairie Munchkin'

    Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Munchkin’ PPAF

    Stiff, upright plumes of steel blue persist from July to November, when they fade to a strawberry blonde color. Prairie Munchkin is perfect for poor soils and dry garden spots and should be used more in municple plantings.

  • Stokesia 'Elf' 6

    Stokesia laevis ‘Elf’ PPAF

    Elf is a perfect addition to the front of a mixed or perennial border.Unlike other stokes asters, the bloom centers on Elf are domed, not cupped. Each bloom combines delicately fringed violet-blue outer petals with lacy lavender to near white inner petals for an overall two-toned effect that is almost iridescent.

  • IMG_0470

    Stokesia laevis ‘Mels Blue’ PPAF

    Super large, highly visible, brightly colored blooms stand out well against the deep, grass green foliage to make for a stunning display in any garden.

  • DSC_0025

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Delaware’ PPAF

    Delaware has the largest, roundest leaves with subtle, deep purple markings. Delaware grows four to six inches tall and spreads to18 inches wide in one season. Prolific, deep pink blooms from late April to June are held high above the foliage on dark red stems.


    Tiarella cordifolia ‘FM Mooberry’ Diva-rella™ PP#22189

    FM Mooberry is a petite selection with lots of bloom power. The foliage turns nearly black by summer's end and after the big spring bloom, blooms will sporadically show up from June to September.

  • DSC_0526

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Lehigh’ PPAF

    Lehigh sports the most deeply lobbed, apple green leaves and grows four to six inches tall with a spread of up to 12 inches wide. Each leaf has deep maroon markings in the center and numerous, strong flower stalks that support peachypink

  • DSC_1008

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Octoraro’ PPAF

    Octoraro's deeply lobed foliage and exceptionally long bloom stalks set this selection apart from all others on the market. This plant will easily replace the ever-invasive English ivy and periwinkle as a native, sustainable ground cover for dry shade.

  • Tiarella Diva-rella Sherry Kitto

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Sherry Kitto’ Diva-rella™ PPAF

    Tons of blooms with a bright pink hue contrast nicely with the deep, olive green foliage of this clumping super-diva.

  • #9_fullbloom

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Stephanie Cohen’ Diva-rella™PPAF

    This new selection is as happy under a pink oak as it is in a moist, humus-laden garden. Pink buds unfurl to reveal creamy pink blooms and then when the new leaves come, they shine from afar with their glossy sheen. this is one foam flower anyone can grow. It's even happy in a container!

  • DSC_0085

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Susquehanna’ PPAF

    Susquehanna ‘s deeply lobed leaves have the darkest markings. Deep purple to black markings begin as subtle veining and mature to cover all but a thin margin of each deep green leaf. Susquehanna is the shortest of the series, but very vigorous, covering up to two feet of ground in one season.

  • DSC_0063

    Tiarella cordifolia ‘Wissahickon’ PPAF

    Wissahickon brightens up dark, shady areas with it's shiny foliage. Pure white blooms emerge from peachy-pink buds in late spring and bloom consistently through late July and even into August. A slower spreader, this new selection is great for under planting in areas where large, evergreen shrubs have shaded the area beneath them.

  • 1002605

    Verbascum ‘Flower of Scotland’ PP# 19648

    One of the shortest selections on the market. A very novel color. One of to first re-bloom. Verbascum 'Flower of Scotland' makes the perfect container plant and can be successfully grown in pot culture as a gift item. the buds open a rich, rick-wine red and mature to a soft mauvey-pink.