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The Weeding Gnome

by Plants Nouveau · December 12, 2022

A Begonia Like No Other.

Check out Begona Lunar Lights™ 'Sterling Moon'.

We have two brand new evergreen shrubs that make perfect evergreen accents, lovely pyramids for holiday decorating, and are a grower's dream. We think you NEED these in your production plan for Christmas 2024 and in your garden.

Begonia Lunar Lights™ 'Sterling Moon' PP 33164

To say we are excited for this brand new, zone 7 hardy begonia to hit the market in 2023 is an understatement. We have been waiting for this day!

Selected by our friend and plantsman extraordinaire, Ozzie Johnson, The Lunar Lights™ series is a series like you have never seen. These are no ordinary begonias. These are definitely not your grandma's begonias. They offer so much more. 

What makes them different?

  • large, beautifully patterned or colorful leaves
  • grow well in the garden, in containers, and as a houseplant
  • enormous flowers that last for months
  • cold hardy to USDA Zone 7
  • amazing size and vigor

Begonia Lunar Lights™ 'Sterling Moon' PP 33164

These are some pictures of a little photo shoot I did with our resident plant model, who also happens to be my wonderful daughter, Ella. These pictures were taken in early November in northeastern Massachusetts, where the plants were still in flower, looking more and more fabulous than ever. 

Why do you need this plant?

Begonia 'Sterling Moon' truly is a begonia like no other, and I don't say that lightly. We know there are a lot of begonias on the market and they all claim to be great. This IS great. It is bigger, more robust, and more cold hardy, and please don't forget about the beautiful, long-lasting flower display. I have not come across a begonia currently on the market that has it all.

This plant has it all. 

Sterling Moon is part of The Lunar Lights™ series. Parents of these plants hail from some of the tallest mountains in western China. They were selected for cold hardiness, vigor, leaf patterns, and flower power. There will be more Lunar Lights™ selections available later in 2023. You can see them here. 

We hope you will give them a try. Once you do, we know you will love them. 

Where Can I Buy These Plants?

Tissue Culture

  • Vitro Westland
  • Green Trade Horticulture


  • Emerald Coast Growers
  • Green TRade Horticulture

Finished Plants

  • Southern Living® and Sunset® Plant Collections

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Sterling Moon was featured in Fine Gardening Magazine's Best New Plants for 2022 Issue

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Here is an Ad that will appear in the December issue of Green Profit . If you would like more information about Begonia 'Sterling Moon', feel free to reach out. 

Take good care & be well.


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