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Introducing the Sugar-Sweet™series of Clematis

We are so excited about this new series. It’s the first series to truly have amazing, knock your socks off fragrance and wilt resistance!

Author, speaker and our good friend Stephanie Cohen, was blown away by their fragrance when she opened her shipment of samples last week.  Here’s what she had to say:

“My Clematis shipped from Dan Long in Athens, Georgia, and what I didn’t notice were the flowers. One whiff and I was blown away-fragrance of grape soda, sexy and sweet. Before the press gets ahold of this one, I’d suggest ordering it. I’m in heaven!”

Deborah Hardwick, a clematis guru in Ohio described the fragrance this way:
“A lemony sweet fresh fragrance with a back note of vanilla. Very sweet and pure but not cloying. Divine!”

They truly are “special”, as the breeder says.  So far, we have two colors in this series.  Sugar-Sweet™ Lilac and Sugar-Sweet™ Blue are our newest introductions.

Ton is behind the scenes in the Netherlands working on many more and Linda and I will be visiting theseedlings next month to make some new selections for the line.  It is very exciting!   Both have tons of flowers from April to June (possibly longer depending on where you live), they grow 6-9 feet tall and are hardy in USDA zones 4-11.

For more information on Sugar-Sweet ™ Lilac- use this link:

For more information on Sugar-Sweet™ Blue use this link:

If you would like to buy some for your home garden, visit Brushwood Nursery online here:

Sugar-Sweet Blue:

Sugar-Sweet Lilac: 

If you are a grower looking to buy liners to finish, contact Dan Long at Brushwood Nursery for availability


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Plants Nouveau was founded by Angela Treadwell-Palmer  in 2005.  The company quickly became a leader in perennial plant introduction.  In 2010, Angela partnered with famed new plant expert and plant geek extraordinaire,  Linda Guyformer owner of Carolina Nurseries and managing partner for the Novalis, Plants That Work Program.  Linda brings the knowledge, experience and new plant contacts to help position Plants Nouveau as the an industry leader in new plant introductions.

With two plant savvy, forward thinking leaders, they’ll have double expertise and double worldwide contacts.   This new “double-trouble” partnership will make for some clever, innovative competition to other large new plant introduction companies. Plants Nouveau will successfully introduce your new selections to the World. Negotiating legal issues, creative marketing, researching production protocols and establishing and maintaining world wide relationships is what we do. More on how we do what we do.

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