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Cultivate’14 – Road Trip

weeding gnome, plants nouveauWelcome to The Weeding Gnome Brought to you by Angela Treadwell-Palmer & Plants Nouveau This week’s Garden Notes: New Plants for 2015, Part II – Woody Plants

— July 11, 2014 —   

Cultivate’14- The Road Trip

When I started writing this week’s post, I was literally on my way to the biggest US trade show for new plants. For 787 miles, I drove a 10′ cargo van full of goodies and interesting booth parts, heading westward, across 4 states to make it in time for today’s set up.  Cultivate’14 is the largest horticulturally themed, summer  trade show in the US.  It attracts vendors and buyers from all over the world in search of new products, new ideas and new technologies for the green industry.   

If you are attending Cultivate’14please stop by booth #2232, to see and or talk about our new plants in person.  

Like I said last week, we’ll have the pleasure of having two of our breeding companies from The Netherlands represented at the show. Of course, it would have been much more fun for them if the Dutch futbol team was playing in the finals of the World Cup – we are all mourning  the loss.

On the other hand, go Germany!

I’m glad my family routes for three teams; The US, of course, The Netherlands and Germany (we are part German after all). We are huge soccer (futbol) fans and had a great time watching the games.  It will be interesting to see if the show floor clears out at 4pm like it did during the World Cup finals four years ago.

Of course – the Dutch were playing then…

Now that my long drive to Columbus has ended and I’m now in town to start the set up of our booth, I’m quite thankful the trip was rather uneventful.  As often happens on a 15 hour drive alone, I learned some things about myself and my surroundings.

What did I learn?

I learned why Pennsylvania Blue stone is so expensive.  I wish I had taken a picture of the bluestone outcropping I passed outside of Scranton, PA, but I figured there’d be more.  There weren’t.  Being schooled and trained as a landscape designer in the Mid-Atlantic, I always wondered why it was so dang expensive to get blue stone in the bluest shades.

Now I get it.

You see, in these blue stone out croppings, there are layers of stone. There’s red, then gray, then red, then the bluest of blues and then some more (lots) of red. To get to the bluest of blue and to make a whole palette of that color, they must mine through many other layers of many other colors of stone.

That’s why you usually see a mix of blues, reds and grays, and that’s also why a palette of the bluest of blues is so much money. They have to work really hard to get those.

I had no idea.

I also learned that being a horticulturist and a plantweenie, I never stop thinking about plants.  As I drove the nearly 800 miles to get here, I watched many a landscape go by.  Not purposefully landscaped landscapes, but natural ones. 

From the picture, you might think I was in Vermont or New Hampshire, but look closely and there’s no white barked birches or white spruces – only maples, oaks and black locust.  

The rolling hills of Western New York and The entire state of Pennsylvania, which took 5 hours to drive across!, are lovely.  The mix of trees is basic eastern deciduous forest.  It’s nice driving.  

How many of you ...continue reading


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Angela Treadwell-Palmer

The Weeding Gnome is by Angela Treadwell-Palmer.

Cultivate’14-Road Trip (continued)

Welcome to The Weeding Gnome Brought to you by Angela Treadwell-Palmer & Plants Nouveau This week’s Garden Notes: New Plants for 2015, Part II – Woody Plants — July 11, 2014 —    Cultivate’14- The Road Trip When I started writing this week’s post, I was literally on my way to the biggest US trade show for new plants. For 787 miles, I [...]

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