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The Weeding Gnome

by Plants Nouveau ·July 5, 2023

Fruit Snacks™ - Let's Go!

Fruit Snacks™ columnar apples

Introducing Fruit Snacks™ - Real Fruit You Can Reach and Eat

We are so excited to finally be able to talk about one of our most innovative and useful new plant collections. Plants Nouveau is thrilled to represent these varieties, and looking forward to what’s to come in this category.

Watch this space for sure…

New for 2024 - Fruit Snacks™

Real fruit you can reach and eat. 

Skinny apple trees that need minimal pruning.

It all started with an apple, but that certainly isn’t where the Fruit Snacks™ line ends. We will be adding more compact, reachable fruits in the future.

A bit of apple history goes into our “Star” logo for Fruit Snacks™.  At Christmas, there is an old Czech tradition for each family member to receive an apple to cut in half. If the core reveals a star, that person will have happiness and good health for the year to come. If the apple reveals a cross then bad luck may follow in the next year. That star is actually the casing around the seeds, hence our 5 pointed star/apple seed logo. We wish good luck to everyone who plants and eats one of these fruits.

Now you know!

Why Fruit Snacks™ apples?

Everyone is trying to eat healthy. These perfectly upright, dwarf & skinny apple trees make it easier for consumers to pick delicious homegrown snacks right from their backyard.  

You must plant two different apple trees to get fruits. Most people do not realize that scientific fact. The bees will do the rest. 

Fruit Snacks™ are perfect for small spaces; they make lovely hedges and will grow perfectly in pots. Everyone, everywhere can grow some Fruit Snacks™. 

No harsh chemicals are required because The Fruit Snacks™ line was bred by the best apple breeders in Europe to be rust resistant and virus free. Apples are just the beginning. Different fruits will be added in the future. 

Did you know apple trees have really pretty flowers?  Most consumers don’t realize this either, so we can sell these apples as spring flowering trees as well.

Beautiful flowers to feed the bees in the spring and truly tasty fruits in the fall. Trust me, I have tasted them all and they are delicious!

What’s not to love?

Anyone can grow Fruit Snacks™. Everyone should!

We teased about this new project. It’s FINALLY time to talk about them. We have Four selections for 2024, and two more to come in 2025.

2024 Fruit Snacks™ Selections

Blushing Delight™

Malus 'A68-173' PP 28439

It won’t be long before you’ll be harvesting full-sized fruit from this columnar apple tree! With a nod to spring, delicate, white flowers adorn the trees, followed by blushing red apples, closer to fall. Sweet, light, and flavorful, the fruit is crisp and juicy, making Blushing Delight™ one of the most sought-after varieties for picking right off the tree and eating. Trees are fast-growing and high yielding.

blushing delight apple tree

Golden Treat™

Malus 'UEB 41811' PP 30864

Deliciously aromatic, crunchy, and firm, Golden Treat™ apples are a favorite among chefs and connoisseurs. Crisp, with a harmonic sugar-acid ratio, they are often added to cheese plates, or used for baking in cobblers and pies. In celebration of spring, medium-pink buds open to soft-pink flowers.

A golden-skinned apple with a slightly tart taste, the fruits are full-sized on this miniature tree.

Tangy Green™

Malus 'GreenCats”

If you enjoy the crisp, tart flavor of a Granny Smith apple, then you’re going to love Tangy Green™! Juicy, with a tart taste and crisp acidic tang, Tangy Green™ is perfect for snacking and for pies. With the arrival of spring comes soft pink to white flowers, a magnificent look if multiple trees are planted for privacy.

Apple-green in color and strikingly round, its fruits form in abundance on spurs along the main stem.

Tasty Red™

Malus 'UEB 43054' PP 30847

Pink, spring flowers are followed by bright red apples with a sweet, juicy flavor that sets Tasty Red™ apart from others in the Fruit Snacks™ program. Clean and crunchy in texture, and slightly tart, they are excellent for back yard eating and baking. Tasty Red™ is a heavy producing tree whose apples usually ripen in September – adding to your fall garden and making apple pie season even more enticing.

These apples can be picked for a month and due to their sub-acidic profile, they store well for later use.

Marketing Materials Available

Fruit Snacks brochure

2 page color Brochure

Color hang tags

Trunk wrap

A Little More Info


There will also be branded grow bags for the collection. These are more earth-friendly and consumers can save their Fruit Snacks™ branded bag to harvest their apples!


We are looking for finished growers for the Fruit Snacks™ line. We are not currently licensing any additional grafters, but may in the future. If you are interested in buying whips and finishing them or would like to buy finished plants to sell at retail, please reach out. This collection and the marketing materials will be launched at the Cultivate’ 24 show.  Contact Linda Guy, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. P: 843-607-0546


We will have fruited specimens in our booth (#3211) at Cultivate. they will also be in the New Varieties area. Stop on by, or better yet, reach out and make an appointment. You can simply reply to this email. We would love to catch up.