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As lovely as the autumn moon.

Begonia Lunar Lights™ Harvest Moon

Begonia Lunar Lights™️ Series

If you’re looking for something special to illuminate your garden spaces with color and texture, our Lunar Lights™️ Series of Begonias is guaranteed to please. Large, palmate-shaped leaves in a wide array of patterns will become placeholders in warmer climates from the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast and all along the West Coast. Beginning in May, sprays of delicate, bright-colored flowers in hues of pink, red, and salmon – depending on the variety - rise above the foliage on strong stems and continue their performance until frost. Perennial in zones 7-9, these beauties produce generous clumps that increase in size over time. Lunar Lights™ Begonias also make magnificent container plants for the deck or patio for those of you who live in colder regions.

Rust-green leaves form large clumps and appear to be backlit by a warm glow of orange-red undersides. A stunning Begonia, Harvest Moon is the perfect choice for fall containers, as it contrasts nicely with darker foliage plants. Large flowers appear in droops of pink and white and last for several months. A strong garden variety for warmer climates.

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Who Am I?

  • Common Name

    Harvest Moon begonia
  • Botanical Name

    Begonia 'Harvest Moon' PP34895

Cultural Details

  • Bloom Time

    Spring and fall
  • Size

    24-30" by 24-30"
  • Hardiness Zone

  • Light

    Part shade - afternoon shade preferred
  • Soil

    Average garden soil
  • Moisture

    Moist, but well-drained.
  • Disease & Pests

    None known
  • Landscape Use

    Borders, cutting gardens, shady foundations, mass plantings, shade gardens
  • Propagation

    Cuttings, Tissue Culture, URC

Available Photos

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