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Perfectly pink and just the right size

Camellia sasanqua October Magic® Pink Perplexion

A semi-dwarf variety with an abundance of pink, formal double flowers that transfer a unique hint of coral

A perplexing color to identify, the tissue-like flowers of this intriguing new sasanqua bloom in various shades of pink with a hint of coral, and are plentiful at a young age. A semi-dwarf plant with spreading to rounded growth, the dark green foliage provides a perfect backdrop for an incredible display of blooms in the fall.

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Who Am I?

  • Common Name

    October Magic® Pink Perplexion camellia
  • Botanical Name

    Camellia sasanqua ‘Green 02-019’ PP27334

Cultural Details

  • Bloom Time

  • Size

    4’ tall x 4’ wide
  • Hardiness Zone

  • Light

    Full sun/ Afternoon shade
  • Soil

    Average garden soil
  • Moisture

    Moist, but well-drained
  • Disease & Pests

    Occasional scale
  • Landscape Use

    Foundation plantings, mass plantings, urban gardens
  • Propagation