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A delicate balance of sweet and sour

Malus Sweet Tart™

This columnar apple brings a balanced acid-sugar ratio to the aromatic taste of its fruits.

Easy to grow and care for due to their size, Fruit Snacks™ columnar apples are ideal choices for small spaces. Trees grow 8-10’ tall and should be planted on 2’ centers for best results. Their cold hardiness and disease resistance make them a reliable choice for an edible privacy hedge or as accent plants in large containers. Like other apples, you will need two different varieties for pollination. Most Fruit Snacks™ apples bloom mid-season and will be good pollinizers for the others.

Aptly named for its delicate blend of sweet and sour, Sweet Tart™ delivers harmony to the home gardener at every level. Beginning in spring, a lovely blend of pink buds and white flowers will grace your garden space. A medium to strong grower, this columnar apple brings a balanced acid-sugar ratio to the aromatic taste of its fruits. Trees are easy to grow, virus free and pest resistant. Crunchy red apples blushed with green are so juicy they’ll make your mouth water! And as a bonus, Sweet Tart™ has good storage capabilities in case you want to save some for later in the season!

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Who Am I?

  • Common Name

    Sweet Tart columnar apple
  • Botanical Name

    Malus 'UEB 4848/4 PPAF
  • Type

  • Bloom Time

    mid spring
  • Bloom Color

    Pink buds open to white flowers
  • Fruit Time

  • Fruit Color

    Red with green blush
  • Fruit Flavor

    A delicate balance of sweet and sour

Cultural Details

  • Bloom Time

    mid spring
  • Size

    8-10' tall by 2-3' wide
  • Hardiness Zone

  • Light

    Full sun
  • Soil

    Average garden soil
  • Moisture

    Moist, but well-drained. Drought tolerant once established.
  • Disease & Pests

    Good apple scab resistance.
  • Landscape Use

    Containers, specimen, backyard orchard
  • Propagation

    Budding, Grafting
  • Fruit Chill Hours

    at least 500
  • Pruning

    Prune these columnar apples only to shape if needed. They really do not need pruning - they are bred for small spaces.

Available Photos

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