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Clouds of green and white flowers cover this strong plant.

Hydrangea macrophylla Green Cloud™

Green Cloud has green and white flowers and strong stems. Flowers age to a fiery red and green, lasting until a hard frost.

Green Cloud lives up to its name by opening with celery-green flowers, each with a white eye-zone and turns ablaze with red and green tones as it matures. Strong stems, hard flowers, and classic, antique colors are all signature attributes of our hydrangeas. Plant Green Cloud in a special container to show off its amazing green flowers,or place in the garden with some of the other Everlasting varieties, but don’t forget to harvest the stems—they’ll add flair to any arrangement with their incredible colors and will last in a vase for over a month!

If you haven’t heard about our hydrangeas , you are in for a treat. This is a super tough line of Hydrangea macrophylla (big leaf hydrangeas) from our wonderful friends at Kolster BV in The Netherlands. These stellar new selections were bred for the cut flower market, so they have amazingly tough stems, strong, deeply colored, think leathery foliage and the strongest, longest lasting mop head blooms we’ve ever seen. You can seriously bang someone over the head with these and they will not loose one floret. We’ve done it—trust us. Everyone is searching for the next re-blooming hydrangea, but what about a hydrangea that grows three feet tall and has blooms that start one color and take a journey to maturity that may involve three or more color changes along the way? These are better than re-blooming, they’re Everlasting!

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Who Am I?

  • Common Name

    Green Cloud hydrangea
  • Botanical Name

    Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Hortmagreclo’ PP22063
  • Type

  • Bloom Time

    Summer on old and new wood
  • Bloom Color


Cultural Details

  • Bloom Time

    Summer on old and new wood
  • Size

    3-4' tall by 3-4' wide
  • Hardiness Zone

  • Light

    Part sun - prefers afternoon shade
  • Soil

    Average garden soil
  • Moisture

    Moist, but well-drained
  • Disease & Pests

    None known
  • Landscape Use

    Foundations, borders, urban gardens, containers, cutting gardens
  • Propagation

  • Pruning

    If you live in the North: Cut off any dead wood in late May, after the leaves have started to unfurl. If you live in the South: Should you see any dead wood, prune it back to live wood in early spring, after the leaves have started to unfurl.